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At the Diocesan level, the Bishop shall ordinarily entrust the task of education management and administration to the Education Board of Directors and the Education Commission.


  • Background
  • Members
  • Duties
  • Comittees

The Board shall be composed of nine members. All the members shall be appointed and commissioned by the Bishop. There term of office shall be three years.


The Board is composed of:

Rev Fr. Dr. Byaruhanga George WilliamChairman
Mr. Mpoza Joseph MaryMember
Mr. Lule AlexanderMember
Mr. Kigoye MathiasMember
Mrs. Mayanja NancyMember
Mr. Kimera JudeMember
Mrs. Kibirige BeatriceMember
Mrs. Kibirige BeatriceMember
Rev. Fr. Micheal KamulegeyaEducation Secretary
Rev. Fr. Joseph BukoolaAsst Education Secretary
Rev. Fr. Elia TumwesigeReligious Education Advisor
Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier LubegaInspector of Schools
Rev. Fr. Joseph Kasangaki LuleFather In-charge (Chaplains) Representative

The Education Board shall:

  • Review and formulate policy, objectives and procedure of its operation for the Diocese.
  • Acat as an Advisory body to the Bishop on matters of education in the Diocese.
  • Assess and coordinate the role of each of the stakeholders in running Diocesan schools.
  • Constitute sub-committees and co-opt appropriate personnel for advice and guidance.
  • Draw up periodically an Education Development plan for the Diocese.
  • Annually present a report to the Bishop and Diocesan Commissioners.
  • Plan for the economy of the Education Commission - resources and management.
  • Recruit and appoint employees for the Education Secretariat staff periodically.
  • Propose to the Bishop the new Education Secretary and Religious Education Advisor as well as Assistants.
  • Scrutinize the foundation and promotion of schools in the Diocese.
  • See to it that all schools have effective and efficient management by regular inspections and visits as well as organizing workshops/seminars for SMCs and BOGs, headteachers and teachers.
  • Ensure the Education Secretariat is properly facilitated.
  • Plan and work for the teaching staff capacity development.
  • Liaise with National Education Organisations and similar bodies in other Dioceses for the purposes of learning, coordination and cooperation.
  • Approve and control the budget of the Education Commission.
  • Evaluate application for award of grants, bursaries and scholarships by the Diocese and recommend as appropriate.

The Board shall have committees as follows

  1. Finance and Development Committee
  2. Academic and Disciplinary Committee
  3. Envagelization Committee



  • Education Secretary
  • Assistant
  • Duties
  • Team

The Education Secretary is appointed by the Bishop to coordinate Education matters in the Diocese. He/she shall be a trained educationist and shall be answerable to both the Board and the Bishop.

There shall be a deputy Education Secretary appointed by the Bishop as well as assistants to the Education Secretary in the various districts as need shall arise. 

The Education Secretary shall:

  • Be the Secretary and Treasurer of the Board.
  • Be ex-officio to committees of the Board.
  • Be the manager of the Secretariat.
  • Be the accounting officer of the Commission.
  • Ensure the Secretariat is well equipped and employees well facilitated.
  • Link the Secretariat with Parishes, Dioceses, UCS, UJCC, MOES and other stakeholders in Education.
  • Ensure the implementation of the Education Policy.
  • Ensure that sustainable and competent representatives are appointed to BOGs and SMCs.
  • Appoint and transfer headteachers, deputies and bursars to private Catholic Church founded schools and institutions, with or without consultation with the school governing bodies.
  • Ensure that suitable heads and teachers are appointed to private Catholic church founded schools and institutions.
  • Keep the Bishop informed about matters of education in the Diocese.
  • Together with the Chairpersons concerned, convene meetings of the Board.
  • Submit an annual report and budget to the Board.
  • Ensure that school finances and projects are properly managed and thus shall cause the auditing of private Catholic schools annually or t any time.
  • Visit schools annually.
  • Organise seminars/workshops to uplift standards.
  • Together with the Board submit an annual report to the Bishop and the UCS.
  • Propose suitable nominees for the Foundation Body to the district and MOES for appointment on school governing bodies.
  • Submit credible headteachers to MOES for posting to government aided schools.
  • See to the development of a database of respective teachers (spotting and supporting prospective headteachers.
  • Ensure that there are functional school governing bodies, PEC, Teachers' Association, Catholic Parents' Association and Institutions/schools governors' forum.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Board and the Bishop from time to time.

Fr. Micheal Kamulegeya - Education Secretary

Rev. Fr. Joseph Bukoola - Assistant Education Secretary


  • Religious Education advisor
  • Assistant
  • Duties
  • Team

The Religious Education Advisor is appointed by the Bishop. He/she shall be a trained educationist and shall be the Executive Secretary of the Religious Education Committee.

There shall be an Assistant Religious Education Advisor. He/she shall share the duties of the Religious Education Advisor. 

The Religious Education Advisor shall:

  • Put in place required syllabi for Catholic Religious Education to suit the various stages of education namely; Lower-primary - first communion; Mid-Primary - renewal of Baptism promises (Mugigi) and Post-Primary Catholic Religious Education, and ensure the availability of these syllabi in time.
  • See to the implementation of religious education curriculum in all Catholic founded schools, in collaboration with the Diocesan and District Inspectors of schools.
  • Monitor the implementation of the religious character and traditions in Catholic church founded schools.
  • Work on the advice of the Religious Education Committee.
  • Oversee the promotion and maintenance of the religious character and traditions in Catholic schools.
  • Plan and run seminars, workshops, refresher and training courses for Catholic Religious Education Teachers and Instructors of Catholic doctrine in schools.
  • Plan, set and administer Catholic religious education (Mugigi) examinations for pupils/students.
  • Plan and run   retreats and other related activities for the spiritual formation and growth of the teachers.
  • Pay regular visits to the Catholic founded schools to monitor the teaching of Catholic religion and participation in religious activities.
  • Introduce and strengthen lay apostolic movements in schools.
  • Assist non-Catholic founded schools to ensure that Catholic pupils/students are catered for.
  • Create and maintain data for children who complete Catholic Religious Education (Mugigi) and those who receive the sacrament of confirmation.
  • Keep the statistics of the teachers of Catholic religious education 
  • Ensure that there is a Religious Coordinator at every parish and an active person in charge of Religious Education in every school.

Rev. Fr. Elia Tumwesige - Religious Education Advisor

Sr. Esther Nakakande - Assistant Religious Advisor



  • Inspectorate
  • Duties
  • Team

There is an inspectorate department at the Secretariat. The staff of the inspectorate are recruited by the Board and appointed by the Bishop. The staff are trained educationists, and of proven integrity, experience and ability.

The Inspectorate shall:

  • Be answerable to the Education Secretary.
  • Ensure that schools offer quality education through adequate teaching and effective management.
  • Carry out inspetion of schools to advise on promoting standards and to assess the Catholic character of schools.
  • Ensure that schools are properly licensed, registered and operating in accordance with the local and central government laws and Diocesan Education policy.
  • In consultation with the Catholic Teachers' Association and Catholic Parents' Association, identify meritorious headteachers/teachers and students/pupils for prizes/awards including bursaries/scholarships.
  • Monitor quality performance of headteachers and teachers.
  • Monitor the implementation of the curriculum and related decision in schools.
  • Together with the Education Secretary mobilize stakeholders in education to ensure that they play a participatory role to ensure that schools offer quality education.
  • Provide opportunities of professional development to teachers through refresher workshops/seminar and publications.
  • Advise the Education Secretary on theory and practice.
  • Create/Maintain a Diocesan Education Information System.

Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Lubega - Head Inspector of Schools

Mr. Denis Kalyango - In-charge of Post Primary Schools

Mr. Gorge William Kayemba - In-charge of Pre-Primary & Primary Schools.


  • Background
  • Duties
  • Team

This stands for Association of Catholic Education Institutions - Masaka Diocese. It is an association that binds Catholic Teachers and Catholic Educational Institutions in one family as they strive to uplift the education standards in the educational institutions.

  • To organise educational activities; capacity building workshops, tours, retreats, cluster supervision, teachers' conventions and mock examinations, among others.
  • To ensure proper and effective administration in Catholic Institutions by development of advisory services to sister schools and to the system operators.
  • To encourage harmonious working relationship among fellow teachers and church founded schools.
  • To identify and recommend competent school managers among catholic teachers for promotion.
  • To plan and initiate projects intended to boost teachers' welfare and the association, among others.
  • To organise the Annual Teachers' day.

Mr. Edward Mukasa  - Chairperson 
Ms. Justine Ndagire - General Secretary


  • Background
  • Duties
  • Team

Other employees as may be required will be recruited and appointed by the Education Secretary with approaval from the Board. 

Ms. Birabwa Franciska - Accountant

Mrs. Nassuna Gorreti - Secretary

Ssalongo Ssekitto Joseph - Driver/Office Messenger

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