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Students from various schools (primary and secondary) during vocal training for the upcoming education week competitions.
Education Secretary Welcoming Guests during the Diocesan Teacher's Day Celebrations 2022 at Sports Arena Kitovu
SHPS Kyamunsasala_4
Sacred Heart Primary School, Kyamunsasala spacious compound
Sanitary Support to Schools to Fight COVID 19
Mass Procession during the Teacher's Day Celebrations 2022 at Sports Arena Kitovu
The Bishop (3rd left), Education Secretary (2nd left) and Education Inspectors (extreme left & right) with visitors from PROBONO after a courtesy call at the Bishop's office
Fr. Kabaalu training students from various schools for the upcoming education week competitions.
UMPS Katwe
Aerial View of Uganda Martyrs Primary School, Katwe in Masaka City
Newly Constructed Administration Block at St. Anthony Kyazanga S. S
The Bishop receiving offertory during mass at the Teacher's Day Celebrations 2022 in Sports Arena
SHPS Kyamunsasala_5
Aerial View of Sacred Heart Primary School, Kyamunsasala in Kalungu District
Newly Elected Executive of MACADITA posing for a photograph with Bishop Serverus Jjumba together with the Diocesan Education Secretary (to the left of the Bishop) and the Asst. Secretary (to the right of the Bishop)
SLSNM Villa Maria_1
Newly Constructed Laboratory and Classroom Block at St. Lawrence Nursing School, Villa Maria, Kalungu District
SLSNM Villa Maria_2
Nursing Trainees Infornt of the Newly Constructed Laboratory and Classroom Block at St. Lawrence Nursing School, Villa Maria, Kalungu District
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Welcome to Masaka Diocesan Education Secretariat

Our Vision

A Holistically Educated Family of God


To Form A Holistically Educated Family of God.

Our Motto

You are the Light

A Brief Introduction

The first agents of formal education in Masaka Diocese were the Missionaries of Africa commonly known as the White Fathers.

The Diocese of Masaka provide the means for Christians to be formed – educated in – in the faith. Specifically-speaking, the task of education lies primarily with parents. But then come the parishes, schools and colleges of the diocese.

This educational mission entails the ongoing development of the entire potential of every person. It seeks to promote the well-being and freedom of every person made in the image and likeness of God and finding fulfillment in God alone.

Our Core Values

The Education Secretariat believes in

Respect for the Theological Virtues, Commitment to the Formation of the Human Person, Respect for the Religious Values, Respect for Human Life, Love of the Church, Patriotism, Quality Education, Quality Service, Partnership and Development.

Our Core Services

Quality Education

Provision of quality education in all Catholic Church founded schools/institution in Masaka Diocese.

Infrsastructure Development

Striving for all round development in Catholic Church Founded schools/institutions.


Fostering networks in schools and collaborating with development partners: Government, Donors and other stakeholders in education.

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Talent Development

Students acquire different talents through a variety of education programmes.

Water and Sanitation

School communities have greatly benefited from acquisition of clean water sources and good sanitary facilities.


Masaka Diocesan Education Secretariat would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the organizations partnering with it in uplifting the education standards of learners and teachers in various institutions where support has been rendered.

We seek for more support in the areas listed below

Need for a Classroom Block

Kisojjo Primary School conducts its lessons for Primary 1 and 2 in an old church building. The schools needs 4 classrooms since the old building collapsed during a heavy rainstorm.

In Need of a Dining Hall

Secondary school students improvise and use their dormitories as a dining hall to have their meals. The school is in need of support to construct a dining hall and a boys hostel.

Congested Classrooms

Since the resumption of learning after the Covid-19 pandemic, students returned back to school in a congested environment at St. Jude S.S. Bukoto. The school is in need of more classroom blocks for a better conducive learning environment.


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Get in touch with us

Ddungu Wing
Cathedral Road,
Nyendo, Masaka City
Contact Us

Mobile Contacts :

+ 256 704 249273 – Education Secretary
+ 256 703 922052 – Office Secretary
+ 256 772 980309 – Inspector of Schools Secondary

Email :

Our Hours

MON-FRI: 08:30 – 16:30